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Joe Torre on Roger Clemens

I know most New Yorkers love their former skipper, Joe Torre, and I also know that the Angelinos adore him.  He seems to be a sweet person with a good heart. Ok, so maybe the Steinbrenner family dislikes him, but who really likes the Steinbrenners?

While Joe may be a nice guy with a good heart, I fear that his judgment is sometimes impaired. Perhaps it’s the good old Los Angeles smog, or maybe it’s got something to do with not knowing how to manage a bullpen.  Either way, Torre was asked to give his thoughts on the arraignment of Roger Clemens earlier this week.  He began in his usual caring and adoring fashion: “I feel bad, I texted him today and said, ‘I’m thinking about you.’ He sent back a text and said ‘thank you’. Roger’s sort of like my son. He certainly wasn’t anything like I thought he was when I watched him across the field. I really like Roger. I don’t know what the right thing is to have happen.”

Had Torre stopped there everything would have been just fine.  But he continued, “When Roger says something, he believes it, I don’t know what it is that causes that. But he’s a very proud individual.”

“I don’t know what it is that causes that. But he’s a very proud individual.”  Are you sure you don’t know what causes that?  I know what causes that! It’s because he’s a very proud individual!  Ok, so Joe is no Zenmaster, but, I mean, really?

Being proud or stubborn or haughty is another one of our potential downfalls in life.  In Ethics of the Fathers we are taught that haughtiness has the potential to “remove a person from the world.” I think Roger’s haughtiness may cause him to be removed from the world and be placed in the penitentiary.

To be sure, pride does have its benefits. It gives a person confidence and the ability to perform under pressure.  We could all use a dosage of pride.  But Roger overdosed on his proud medication (in addition to other performance enhancing drugs; assuming Andy Pettite didn’t “misremember”) and needs to take a step back and realize what has happened here.  Unfortunately, I think it’s too late.  He’s going to go down fighting like he has always done.  He may come out on top, but it is more likely that he be spending some lonely nights in Jail.

I don’t know how many wake up calls we need before we learn how to manage our own lives and how to behave properly as citizens and law-abiding members of society, but Roger, thanks for the heads up.

And Joe, good luck in your future endeavors, as it doesn’t seem that you are returning to my Dodgers!

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  1. dadges says

    we will miss you, joe!

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