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NFL Hitman James Harrison

The NFL has begun to take serious steps to ensure the safety of its football players.  After watching James Harrison lay out two players from the Cleveland Browns and a Rutgers (College) Football player lay paralyzed after a hit from a Navy player, the league will now be not only fining players for helmet to helmet hits, but also will be handing out suspensions.

It is absolutely sickening to watch the vicious hits that certain headhunting players dish out.  These headhunters forget that they are not Roman gladiators; they are football players.  They are supposed to tackle the opposing player not injure them for life!

I am glad that the NFL has finally decided to clamp down on this rule and ensure the safety of its players.  As it is, football players sustain enough traumatic hits over the course of their careers that many of them suffer from significant brain damage later on in life. This step will hopefully change the way the game is played, and keep everyone a bit safer.

Football is a competitive game, not a death match.  Players should not be looking to hurt anyone. They should be looking to make a tackle and prevent the other team from scoring a touchdown. That’s it.  Harrison’s assertion that his job is to hurt people but not injure them, is absurd. It’s that type of unfortunate attitude that negatively impacts the NFL. Helmet to helmet hits are dangerous and illegal. So stop it.

In truth, Football is a violent sport even without the helmet to helmet hits.  Some people may feel that football violates basic Jewish principles and should be condemned. While that position has some legitimacy, it is worth noting that, there is precedent in Jewish tradition to allow individuals to put their lives in danger in order to earn a living. Judaism, therefore, doesn’t necessarily prohibit playing football for a living. What our Judeo-Christian tradition does prohibit however, is the intentional infliction of personal injury.  There is simply no room for such behavior even in the violent game of football.  Perhaps if the clergy who provide spiritual guidance to NFL teams made this perfectly clear, the players, would respond positively and the NFL would not need to threaten the players with suspensions.

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  1. Vade says

    Not too many yids in the NFL these days…..and the few who are are kickers and third string QBs…

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