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Roy Halladay – It’s great to be in control

Last night’s pitching performance from Phillies pitcher and Ace, Roy Halladay was epic. He was in command of the ball game from start to finish. The ball was moving, his location was impeccable, and he was, to state the obvious, un-hittable! It’s a surreal feeling, as Halladay noted, to be as dominant and in control as he was. One of the reasons why we celebrate these types of memorable performances is because we are usually not in complete control of ourselves and perfection is virtually impossible to achieve. Often times, we don’t have great location on our fastballs- what we say to others or about others in haste; and our curveballs- the times when we mean well but give off the wrong impression. We don’t always have great command of our lives- our reactions to others who try to provoke us, or our feelings of anger, sadness, loneliness or abandonment that may arise from some perceived slight, whether real or imagined.

Roy Halladay had it all last night. Just the second pitcher in the history of major league baseball to record a No-Hitter in the post season. He was in complete control of his actions and his emotions and as a result he achieved near perfection.

If only each of us could achieve such control over our daily lives!

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