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Monty Williams- Putting things into Perspective

After Sunday Night’s Laker game, a family stayed behind in the luxury suites to take some pictures. Tragically, a two year old boy fell over the glass to his death.  The Staples Center officials considered postponing the Clippers Monday night game against the Hornets, but decided to let them play.

Monty Williams, head coach of the Hornets, had this to say to his team before their game against the Clippers.

“I thought about it all day today,” a subdued Williams said. “This is real life, and basketball is a small section of it. So we’re going to enjoy the game and try to win, but not forget how blessed and privileged we are to play this game. We have a lot of new dads on this team, and I may have more kids than all of them put together. So to have a child die at an event where you’re planning on having a good time, it’s got to be a tough thing to go through. Somebody’s family has changed in an instant, and then we go right back in here playing – almost like business as usual – while the family is still grieving.”

It’s nice to hear from a coach that has a head on his shoulders. Basketball is a game. A game that pays its players millions of dollars.  At the end of the day, however, it’s just a game.  A game that provides us entertainment and a game that we can learn important life lessons from. But we must always remember that it’s only a small fraction of real life.

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