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To Shake or Not to Shake: Thoughts on Todd Haley

At the end of the Denver Bronco’s thrashing of the Kansas City Chiefs 49-29 on Sunday, Chiefs coach, Todd Haley, refused to shake hands with Bronco coach, Josh McDaniels. Instead, Haley angrily pointed his finger at McDaniels and walked away. When asked about it in the postgame conference, Haley called the matter, “personal.”

Multiple sources reported that Haley was upset with the Broncos running up the score; specifically for calling passing plays when the game was out or reach. Interestingly enough, last year, when the Broncos were pounced by the Chiefs, Haley pulled his running back out of the game when he only needed 38 yards to break the single-game rushing record.

While Haley did have a valid reason for being angry and upset with McDaniels, I don’t believe that snubbing a coach from the traditional and ceremonial postgame handshake was appropriate.

I am impressed with Haley’s intensity, emotional state, and commitment to his organization.  He deserved to be angry. Sunday was not a good day for him. His team, once thought to be a lock for the playoffs, played poorly, and the opposing team milked them for all their worth!

At the same time, however, Haley was taking revenge on McDaniel which is not a very moral or appropriate thing to do. And yes, that is clearly prohibited in the Bible.

Two wrongs don’t make a right!

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