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Phil Jackson Compares Childbirth to Retirement

Phil Jackson is known as the Zenmaster; the one who always knows what to say and how to say it. Today, he has shared with us another one of his invaluable insights from his toolbox of thoughts. He told Hannah Storm (Video below) that choosing to coach for another year is similar to a woman deciding to have another child. He explained that after a woman gives birth she agrees to not have any more children because the ordeal of childbirth is a long and difficult one. Eventually, she reconsiders her position and changes her mind, because giving birth to a child is such a wonderful experience. That, he says, is the same feeling that brings him back to the clipboard every year.

Our Rabbis have noted that exact phenomenon. In temple times a woman would be required to offer two sacrifices to God after childbirth; one of them being a sin-offering. Why did the Torah require a woman to bring a sin offering following the happiest moment in her life? The Rabbis explained that immediately after the painful experience of childbirth, a woman would swear to never endure the experience of childbirth ever again. But after a couple weeks of spending time with the baby and forming a deep bond with the infant, the mother reconsiders her initial refusal to go through the ordeal and ultimately decides to change her mind. She brings the sin-offering to atone for her initial vow that was made in error and haste.

Good job, Phil. Maybe you should stop preaching only Buddhism and begin to teach Judaism!

{Thanks Josh S. for the Correction}

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