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Terrence Williams & his 13 Year Old Mentor

Due to lack of effort and poor attitude since the NBA season began, New Jersey Net Terrence Williams was demoted to the National Basketball Developmental League in the hope that he would learn his lesson.  While this type of  ‘punishment’ does not always achieve its expected result, it seems to have worked for Williams.  He came back to the NBA after a week in the NBDL and is back in the Nets rotation. His sudden transformation, however, didn’t occur through conventional means.  It came about when he struck up conversation with one of the ball boys; an 8th grader from Springfield, NJ.  Check out the clip below to see the story:

I am surprised that an NBA player was willing to listen and learn from a 13 year old boy. Usually, NBA players only listen to other colleagues or coaches that have been around the game of basketball for some time.

Truthfully, a NBA player is no different than most of us. We approach our jobs the same way. When we make mistakes, we don’t just listen to anyone for feedback, guidance, and direction; we look to certain people that we trust; those family members who know us well, and mentors that we rely on. We tend to ignore those “generous individuals” who are willing to help us improve our behavior without knowing them or their background. Listening to the advice of a young boy is certainly out of the question! It takes a unique person who is willing to listen to all those who want to help him.  I think Terrence Williams falls into that category.

Our Rabbis correctly note that we shouldn’t take the blessing of a “regular” person lightly. Any blessing that comes our way, any advice that we are given, and guidance that we can take from others, has the potential to make a tremendous impact on our lives.

All we need to do is avail ourselves of those opportunities and open our hearts and minds to their advice.

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