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Like Father, Like Son

Chicago White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen talks on a cell phone in the dugout before a baseball game against the Cleveland Indians at Progressive Field in Cleveland on August 31, 2010. UPI/David Richard

Oney Guillen was at it again on Twitter. This time he lambasted Bobby Jenks; called him a punk and wrote about his marital problems and other off the field issues that he endured during his time as a member of the White Sox organization. Oney was retaliating to Jenks’ public criticism of his father’s managerial skills.

I don’t think anyone, besides for his father, was surprised that Oney would go public with his comments again.   Isn’t it ironic that the most outspoken and controversial manager in baseball, Ozzie Guillen, believed that he would be able to convince his son to keep his emotions in check? Go figure.  Here’s a quote from Ozzie in March, when Oney first got into trouble:  “I talked to [Oney] over the phone about how to express his opinion. I’d be the last person to tell somebody what to say. But in the meanwhile, he put some people on the spot. I know this is the last time he will talk about this, because I still have a little power over my kids.”

I find Ozzie’s statement and attitude to be particularly disturbing and contradictory.  On the one hand he admitted that he wasn’t the right person to suggest to anyone to keep their mouths shut, and yet he was prepared to wield his power and convince his son to keep his thoughts to himself?

The truth is that Ozzie does have significant influence over his son. However, it’s significantly negative! Ozzie wants Oney to subdue his emotions, act respectfully, and treat others properly, and all Oney wants is to act like his dad and do the opposite!

Look, Ozzie: you can’t have it both ways. Either accept the fact that your son has learned from you how to behave, and let him speak his piece when he sees fit, or shape up and fix your own problems first.  Then you can work on your son’s.

Surprisingly, Ozzie hasn’t made or issued any public statements about the behavior of his son or Jenks. Is he turning over a new leaf?

Time will tell.

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