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Only a Mother Can Say That

For 10 years, Julia Williams hadn’t seen her son, Ted, whose God given voice made this highway panhandler an overnight internet sensation and landed him the job as the voice of Kraft foods.  The first words she said to her son upon reuniting are emblematic of the true love that only a mother has for her child. “Please don’t dissapoint me,” she cried out to him. It wasn’t the standard, “I love you” or “I’m so happy to see your face after so many long years,” statements which many of us would have expected her to say. She didn’t go that route; because a mother doesn’t take the standard route.

King Solomon writes in Proverbs that a family is built with the wisdom of a mother. Julia is yet another example of this truism. A mother has the unique ability to filter out and ignore all of the hype and excitement surrounding her child’s celebrity and success, to help him focus on the realities of his life and the challenges that lie ahead. She reminds him of where he has been, where he is now, and prepares him for the future. A mother is able to keep her child grounded when his head begins to swell.

While this isn’t a sports related story, (although he is muling offers to be the voice of the Cleveland Cavaliers and NFL films) it’s message is appropriate to share on this blog. We should all internalize and take to heart the powerful words of Julia Williams and apply it to our relationship with God. We have a mission in life to serve God to the fullest. God looks after us and expects that we do our very best to glorify His name.

Please don’t dissapoint.

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