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LA Lakers: Where Not Caring Happens

Los Angeles Lakers guard Kober Bryant refocuses on the game against the Denver Nuggets after a timeout during the first quarter at the Pepsi Center in Denver on January 21, 2011. UPI/Gary C. Caskey

It’s frustrating to watch the Lakers put in a lackadaisical effort on a consistent basis. It’s even more frustrating for fans to pay good money to go to games when their team doesn’t take it seriously. I understand the difficulty of three-peating and the challenge of the regular season. No other team in the league played more games than they did last year, and the previous two years before that. Moreover, any team that faces the Lakers views it as their championship game and are hungry to win.

It’s a long season and it’s going to be a tough one at that, but, please, Lakers, show us you care.  I don’t want to hear Lamar say that everything is Ok and we’ll work it out eventually.  It angers me that they don’t want to try. Look, I know that championships are won in June, but that shouldn’t be their tagline.

If I was to adopt this attitude and apply it to religion, I would say that life is earned on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. I have all the tools to pray well, and have a history of healthy relationships with God. So instead of putting in the work when it’s not as crucial i’ll just “turn it on” a couple weeks before the high holidays to get ready for the championship.

Isn’t that an attitude that we frown upon? People who only care about their religion once or twice a year are not in a relationship.  Being in a relationship with God means much more that cozying up to Him when everything is on the line. It means giving a consistent and sustained effort all the time. There are times when we may fall and make mistakes, but the effort and desire should be there all, or at least, most the time. The Lakers are not interested in relationships or anything, for that matter.  They are just waiting to the absolutely last moment to begin working hard.

I don’t like the flippant attitude of the Lakers. They don’t respect other teams and in doing so, they don’t respect themselves. I still believe that they will win the NBA championship this year, but i’m really not enjoying this part of the run. This is not how they should be going about their business.

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