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Rashard Mendenhall and his Tweets

Jason Whitlock of foxsports fame hit the nail on the head with his thoughts on Rashard and his tweets. In fact, Rashard wrote a blog post to clarify some of his tweets that may have been misunderstood.

That being the case, I don’t feel a need to repeat what has been already stated. But I do want to add to what Whitlock wrote.

I await for the day, when, instead of berating a person for being sincere, curious, and knowledgeable, that we actually attempt to engage him in conversation! Rashard is 23 years old. He’s young, interested in world affairs, he’s opinionated and a really good football player. We should be celebrating this!

Moreover, if you engage him in a healthy conversation, I bet he would value and appreciate the opinions of those whom he disagrees with. And, you never know, perhaps he may change his mind. Or maybe you will change yours.

But many critics resort to lobbing insults and making jabs “below the belt” at people like Rashard. They refuse to debate the issues; they avoid dialoguing at all costs, and hope that their vitriol is enough to put them in their places.

It’s absolutely depressing. How can you educate a person by degrading him? And how can you claim to be honest when you have no interest in learning from other people? Jewish tradition is clear: Who is wise? someone who learns from ALL people.”

Among other things, I aspire to become wise. Rashard, let’s chat.

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