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Ahmad Bradshaw’s Unintentional Game Winning Touchdown


Ahmad Bradshaw tried to fall short of the end zone, as per Eli Manning’s advice, so that the Giants could take more time off the clock and then kick the game winning field goal. It didn’t work out: he scored the touchdown, giving the Giants the lead in Super Bowl 46 with about 1 minute left in the game. Luckily, the Giants went on to win the Super Bowl and nothing came of his potential gaffe.

Chris Collinsworth, the color commentator of the Super Bowl, and a number of analysts all agreed with Eli Manning, that running out the clock would have been in the Giants best interests. They argued that it is a mistake to give Tom Brady any time, let alone 1 minute, to engineer a game winning touchdown.

However, there are those, like me, who felt that scoring the touchdown and taking the lead was the correct decision. Instead of focusing on what Tom Brady could do in 1 minute, shouldn’t the Giants first assure themselves of a lead to protect? What if the Giants would have fumbled the ball on the ensuing play? Perhaps Tynes would have botched the game winning field goal on 4th down? Maybe the center or the holder would have mishandled the snap? Or maybe the Patriots would have blocked the field goal?

With so many different possibilities that would have ended the Giants season on a sour note, scoring the touchdown was the right move. I’m not just saying this with the comfort of 20-20 hindsight. I say this based on the foresight of the rabbis of the Talmud who codified the well known principle, “Bari Ve’shema, Bari Adif;” that when two conflicting scenarios arise- one which, in this case, guarantees the lead, and the other which does not guarantee the lead, take the guaranteed points.

Either way, it worked out for the New York “Football” Giants. And for a die hard Raider fan who has still not forgotten about the infamous Brady “Tuck Rule” game, I was pleased.




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