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Doc Rivers: A Coach and Proud Father


As a sports fan, it was great to see Boston Celtics Coach, Doc Rivers, celebrate with his wife, after their son, Austin, made the game winning 3-pointer for the Duke Blue Devils over their bitter rivals, the North Carolina Tar Heels (14 seconds into clip) last night. We sometimes forget that coaches and athletes are humans, have feelings, and are proud parents. Watching Doc bask in the moment of his son’s glory made me think about my priorities, and what I need to change in order to be a more supportive and loving father.

It’s not like Doc had plenty of time to fly down to North Carolina for the game. After it ended, Doc hopped on the next plane back to Boston to finish preparing for tonight’s game against the hated Lakers. Although he didn’t have much, if any, time to take off of work, he made it happen, because he cared. Parents are often busy and immersed in their professional lives, and Doc is no different. To see him take time out of his day to support his son was awesome.

Our sages require a father, among other responsibilities, to teach their son a trade, as well as the teach him the Torah and its values. Not only has Doc taught Austin how to play the game of basketball, (though I wouldn’t be surprised if Austin ends up teaching his dad a few things about it down the road) he has also taught his son that love and support for a child is something that you make time for, no matter how busy you might be. These lessons will serve Austin well, as he grows older and wiser in the years to come.

Austin is lucky: not only is his father a great coach, but he is also a great dad.






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