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Metta World Elbow

There were so many great sports stories over the weekend, especially in Los Angeles, that were quickly overshadowed by one heinous act from Metta World Peace. It’s unfortunate that his disgraceful act, lasting all of 30 seconds, ruined a great sports weekend. It’s even more saddening that all the progress  Metta has made over the last couple years rehabilitating his image has taken a major step backwards. In fact, he was the recipient of the NBA citizenship award last year. Chances are that he will not win the award this year. However, I believe it was an isolated incident and not indicative of a return to the old Ron Artest.

What’s almost equally frustrating to me, however, is that the last two years of his basketball career are now being viewed by many as an aberration, while the 30 seconds of yesterday’s craziness is being considered the norm. Is that fair? Why can’t society distribute their praises and criticisms equally? What Metta did was nothing short of atrocious but let’s not make the last 30 seconds of his basketball life emblematic of who he was, is, and always will be on the basketball court.

I often find these types of unbalanced reactions in relationships. It is so natural to harp on the negative attributes of one’s spouse without praising their strengths. Moreover, when a spouse invests the time and energy to improve their weakness it often goes unnoticed until he or she slips up and is criticized again.

It’s time that we put some more balance into our relationships and outlook on life. Be critical when appropriate, but don’t forget to give praise when it’s due.


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