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Rabbi Joshua Hess is an Orthodox congregational rabbi, a youth counselor and an accidental writer. When he realized that his dreams of playing professional basketball weren’t meant to be, Rabbi Hess pursued ordination at the Ner Israel Rabbinical College in Baltimore. He later became the Rabbi of the DAT Minyan in Denver, during which time he pursued a Master’s Degree in Pastoral Care from the Iliff School of Theology. In 2009, Rabbi Hess ‘took his talents’ to Central New Jersey and accepted a post as the rabbi of Congregation Anshe Chesed in Linden, NJ.

Rabbi Hess spends hours each week pouring over Biblical texts – and a similar number of hours reading the sports section. To merge his two passions, he started a blog,, in which he which extracts religious lessons from the sports page. He also works for the New Jersey branch of the Jewish Student Union, a non-denominational organization, where he educates public high school students about Jewish ideals and values. He enjoys using sports themes to connect to his students, and as topics for his weekly sermons.

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  1. Shlomo Ressler says

    Hi Josh,

    Nice to find you online, and I’m glad I’m not the only one from LA to have made it to the east coast. I still manage to find ways to watch the Lakers, go to some games (when they play NY or NJ and not on Shabbos).

    Be well,

    Shlomo Ressler

    • Fanatic Rabbi says

      Hi Shlomo- I must have missed you at the Lakers Nets game a couple weeks ago!

  2. Golde Goldberg says

    Dear Josh or as I now should call you Rabbi Hess,
    Your remember me, mother of Yitzchak and Yosef Goldberg as well as a very close and dear loving friend to your mother! As well as to being good friends together between my husband, Menachem & myself with both your father and mother. I am truly amazed at your blog and radio interview this morning on IsraelRadio. The blog giving all your achievements and growth in your life within the Jewish Community, education both in the rabbanut and pastoral counseling is quite something else. I could go on and on but just to let you know that as I am sure your parents and brothers and their families are all proud of you I would like to add my being proud of you as well as does Menachem. May Hashem grant you continued Hatzlachah within your work as a Rav of a growing shul and community and your commitment with the pastoral counseling which is a very important and unique talent to be able to administer to those who require such devotion and guidance. May Hashem also grant you and your wife much nachas from your children and we all should continue to watch you grow “M’Chayil L’Chayil”!

    • Fanatic Rabbi says

      Thanks for the kind words!

  3. Lady-Light says

    Whoa, it’s you–Rabbi Hess! Never thought I’d find you on…the JBlogosphere! I sometimes davened at the DAT Minyan (live right behind it) and had occasion to call you several times, with regard to setting up a speaker, I think, although I doubt you’d remember me. Didn’t know you were such a sports fan, either!
    How do you like NJ and your new minyan? Please visit my blog sometime–
    Kol tuv,

  4. david says

    How about a email feed,please

  5. Derick Madden says

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    If you have a quick second, I was hoping you could shoot me back some answers to the questions below:
    1) What is your favorite beer to tailgate with?
    2) What is your favorite dish to either bring to, or eat at, a tailgate?
    3) What is your favorite tailgating ritual (if you have one)?
    Our target date for completion is mid-September, so if you could get back to me in the next day or two that would be fantastic! If you have any questions or thoughts on this, please let me know—I’d love as much feedback as possible before I begin development. Thank you in advance!

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